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Lash Enhancements | SKINWORKS Day Spa | United States

Whether it be for a weekend or for life, we've got you lashed!


Using high quality products and materials, a thorough lash bath is performed followed by the application of single lashes to each of your natural eyelashes. This process creates a fully customized, lightweight, and natural look that will last throughout your natural lash cycle. This look will require a maintenance fill every 2 to 3 weeks leaving no glue visible.


This look is fast, affordable, and temporary. If you are looking for a quick lash enhancement for the weekend or simply just want to try it out, this one is for you! Lightweight lash clusters are applied to the lashes and are meant to hold very temporarily, unlike its counterpart the classic lash.

$65 ($95 w/tint)

For those with already lengthy and full lashes, a lash lift is available for you! Your natural lashes are chemically processed, creating a curl (and optional tint) that lasts 6 to 8 weeks.